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Election 2018

13 Nov

Thank heaven this election cycle is over.  The negative campaign advertisements drive me crazy.  At least there will be a short breather before the catastrophe called election 2020 begins.  It can only be worse!

Apparently, my Facebook postings, likes, retweets, etc. were successful.  My Republican friends suspect that my votes were completely for the Democrats while my Democrat friends believe exactly the opposite.  (My goodness, I used friends to characterize both groups. Is that even possible in 2018?  I’m probably a candidate for the loony bin.)  Frankly, my votes crossed party lines and even included candidates who were neither Republican nor Democrat.  (How shocking!)

Reviewing the election data for Hancock County, Ohio, elicited the following:

  • There are 51,652 registered voters in the county, and 28,273 voted (54.74 percent).
  • Of those voting,
    • 99.14 percent voted for Governor
    • 98.9 percent voted on Issue 1 involving penalties for drug offenses
    • 97.9 percent voted for United States Senator
    • 96.71 percent voted for Attorney General
    • 96.86 percent voted for Auditor
    • 97.32 percent voted for Secretary of State
    • 75.11 percent voted for the first Supreme Court Justice
    • 74.13 percent voted for the second Supreme Court Justice
    • 98.61 percent voted for Treasurer
    • 97.02 percent voted for state representative
    • 96.28 percent voted for state senator
    • 98.7 percent voted for United States Representative
    • 76.72 percent for county commissioner — uncontested
    • 78.35 percent for county auditor — uncontested
    • 66.09 percent for court of appeals judge — uncontested
    • 75.9 percent for Common Pleas Judge — uncontested
    • 61.79 percent for Common Pleas Judge (unexpired term) – uncontested

Looking at the percentages, the surprise is that voters in Hancock County focused on the state and federal congressional and administrative races and the constitutional issue while appearing less interested in who decides cases on the Ohio Supreme Court.  Why?  (Was it because of the absence of negative campaign ads?  Was it because the campaign advertisements didn’t begin in July about these races while the governor and United States senator races were contentious since the primaries?)

The percentages for the county offices and the court of appeals proffer no surprises.  They were all uncontested having been all decided in the primary election.  The votes may be attributed to those who simply wrap their trunk around the tail in front of them and follow blithely around the circus ring or those who simply bray and bray and bray.

Statistics be damned!  Wouldn’t competition among candidates result in greater voter turnout?

  • Perhaps some political science will pick up the ball and run with this topic.
  • Perhaps more people will register to vote.
  • Perhaps more registered voters will cast a ballot.
  • Perhaps it will foster the end of elections being determined in closed primaries.
  • Perhaps more candidates will run if they didn’t have to “kowtow” to a party. machine.
  • Perhaps there should be term limits.
  • Perhaps there should be campaign reform to limit “soft” money and the influence of special interests and lobbyists.

Sleight of Hand

2 Oct

Politicians, news entertainers, and pundits practice sleight-of-hand.  They’re conjurers.  They’re prestidigitators.  They’re tricksters.  They use psychology.  They practice tricks.  They employ misdirection.  They embrace natural choreography to accomplish a magical effect.

  • We’ll protect your money while reaching deeply in our pockets.
  • We’ll protect your rights while silently taking them away.
  • We’ll protect your interests while allowing statutes, administrative rules and regulations, and court decisions to further the interests of lobbyists and special interests.
  • We’ll tell you what’s REALLY important while acting vigorously against our rights and interests while we watch helplessly at what they want us to concentrate on.

Is there “fake news”?  Certainly!  Every news entertainer employs it.  Whom do news entertainers want to look bad?  Whom do news entertainers want to appear to be the people’s savior?  There was a time when it would have simply been called a lie, and probably would never have seen the light of day.  It’s sleight of hand.

Today, politicians only want to tell us what, they believe, we want to hear; it’s spin.  An entire industry exists just to create spin with biased surveys and polls.  It’s fake news.  It’s pseudo- psychology, sociology, and statistics.

Today, news entertainers only want to further their own agenda.  Consequently, the reports and articles contain little, if any, truth.  If the devil were running for public office, the news media would provide an endorsement IF the devil’s plan fit with the media’s agenda.  It’s misdirection.

At one time, a conservative pundit lamented that there was simply too much information in the world today.  To help, the pundit offered to digest this vast amount of data and present only the important parts to listeners (with commentary, of course).  Some accepted the offer hook, line, and sinker.  Others found different pundits to do the same thing for their particular political persuasion.  However, some remembered a political indoctrination class (high school government).  The class compared various political systems.  The teacher stressed one advantage of our system – Freedom of Speech.  Other political systems had information controlled by the government, i.e., the people only heard what the government wanted them to hear.  Those who bought into the pundits from either side of the aisle have adopted another political system, i.e., they only hear what their pundit wants them to hear.  It makes it ideal for the illusionists.

What is really going on with the government?  What’s happening if the spin is removed?  Without the spin, voters might exercise appropriate oversight over our government.

What is really being reported in the newspapers and news programs?  Snippets of conversations and interviews color the reporting.  Any interview can be cut to make the interviewee look either like a demi-god or a goat.  If the corporate bias were removed, what would be reported?  What must be kept hidden?  (Those who only get information from one source must be forgiven.  Sadly, three or four different bases must be searched in hopes of finding a kernel of reality.)

Pundits would better serve society by cleaning out cattle barns; however, many lack the strength of character to perform the job successfully.

Like an audience watching a magician, we’re concentrating on what the magician wants us to.    It looks like an ordinary, natural, innocent gesture, but what’s really happening?


23 Sep

I hate politics.

It strikes me that party trumps country, state, county, or city.  That’s wrong!  Politicians can play party UNTIL elected, but once elected the standard ought to be what’s in the best interest of the country, state, county, or city … and party be damned.

Congress sits divided: the Democrats on the left and the Republicans on the right.  This shouldn’t be!  It fosters group think … and party conformity.  Perhaps state delegations should sit together.  (Or, maybe, the elementary school paradigm should be adopted and the legislators should sit in alphabetical order.)

On Constitution Day, a speaker asked, “How many believe that our elected officials represent you?”  No one raised his or her hand.   (Isn’t that why our elected officials were chosen to begin with?)  That’s wrong!  Why do we keep re-electing them?

It’s wrong to play politics to disenfranchise voters such as voiding registrations because the registrations are not on the “proper” weight paper.  (Ohio tried it.)

It’s wrong to deny voting rights because of a physical or mental disability. (Poll workers have refused to allow citizens with disabilities to vote.)

It’s wrong to accept money and gifts to vote a particular way.  (It’s all that special interest and lobbyist money.)

It’s wrong that elected officials respond to inquiries by simply spouting the party line and failing to address the questions presented. (My representative did.)

It’s wrong that the media continue to identify our elected officials by party instead of simply by office.  Too many people turn off when the party designation is revealed.  (Sadly, I must admit that I turn off when politicians speak.  Politicians lie.  Politicians can’t answer questions.  Politicians always try to tell me what the pollsters tell the politicians what the pollsters think I want to hear. Politicians only seem to really care about me when it comes time for re-election’ otherwise, I’m a nuisance.)

Is it at all surprising that I hate politics?