JC’s Blog

I searched for catchy name without success.  When you come late to the party, you’re stuck with the leftovers.  There is probably someone on the World Wide Web who already has cornered my title.

I’ve looked at numerous articles about blogging.  This isn’t going to be easy.  My “Mary Poppins” Syndrome (the obsession to be practically perfect all the time) will definitely cause me problems.

I don’t have a niche.  I write things that pop into my head.  Typically, those thoughts only remain until I sit at the keyboard staring at a blank screen or I take pen or pencil in hard and grab a legal pad.  Sometimes, they tease me and permit a sentence or two before vanishing.  At other times the haunt me through the night and disappear at first light. So, what you get are things that haven’t run away and have germinated in my head. What can you expect?

  • Law and legal topics
  • Education and teaching
  • Sea stories
  • Family history
  • Other stuff that won’t leave me alone

I hope you enjoy, and I welcome your thoughts and comments.

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