My Criminal, Part 2

29 Apr

About ten days after the gun thieves visited me, I was again the target of crime.  These were different criminals; the gun thieves had been caught and were in jail.  My second visitors got a Kindle, about two thousand dollars in money, and my passport.

The Kindle had been a gift from a friend.

The money … ah, that’s a different story.  The older coins were passed from grandfather to father to son, and I had planned to pass it along to my daughter and grandson.

1876 Half Dollar

This half dollar was minted the same year that the Sioux, Northern Cheyenne, and Arapaho tribes were attacked by LCOL Custer and the 7th Cavalry at the Battle of Greasy Grass aka the Battle of the Little Big Horn aka Custer’s Last Stand.

1881 Liberty Dollar

This silver dollar was minted the year that President Garfield was assassinated.  This is just one of probably twenty silver dollars that were stolen.

1895 Indian Head Penny

This 1895 Indian head penny was one of the first coins I recall receiving.

I had spoken with professional coin collectors about these coins; but, because they were neither proof nor uncirculated coins, their opinion was that they were only worth the value of the silver and/or face value.

Silver Certificate

A dollar from when paper money was backed by silver instead of just a promise by the federal government.

There were also baggies of half dollars, quarters, Mercury dimes, and various Canadian coins that my father had accumulated during his life.

I was not optimistic when I reported the theft.  Cash is easier to dispose of than guns.

A theft report has been made to the State Department when I obtained a replacement passport.

It’s been four months.  I haven’t heard anything.  The money, the Kindle, and my peace of mind are long gone.



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