Daily Stoic – March 8

18 Mar

The theme for the meditation on March 8 was “Don’t Unintentionally Hand Over Your Freedom.”

Daily Stoic

It compared our reaction to physical restraint versus mental restraint.  Especially given that society seems more upset with the concept of physical restraint while embracing mental restraint.  This meditation really struck a cord.

I’ve begun to realize how often I surrender my mental freedom and how easy it is to fall into that trap.

  • My friends on Facebook keep repeating the same message.  It must be true.  But … why hasn’t Hillary Clinton been arrested?  Perhaps my friends are only repeating what they want to hear.
  • The news entertainment folks seems to have one political agenda, i.e., expose the ineptitude of the Trump administration.  It must be true.  It’s on CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, BBC, PBS, etc. Perhaps the news entertainment folks are only repeating what they want to hear.
  • The President and journalists seem to be at an impasse regarding “fake news.”  What is real news?  Where are the facts?  Where is the evidence?  Where did the facts, evidence, or information come from?  Who said it?  Who provided it?  I’m tired of news by innuendo.  I’m disgusted with ongoing character assassination.  My mantra has become “an unnamed source” means “it a figment of the author’s imagination” regardless of whether it’s mentioned by the Administration or a journalist.  Perhaps it’s all “fake news.”
  • Then there are the pollsters.  They fail to tell the whole story.  Who was surveyed? How were they selected?  Is this sample representative of some larger group?  Were they paid?  Who paid for the survey?  In the end, without a complete picture, these pollsters simply report meaningless numbers; yet, these random numbers are treated as if they came from God.  Perhaps it’s simply filler for politicians, journalists, and the news entertainment folks.
  • Scientists have an agenda.  For some reason, my science teachers emphasized that scientists were in the vanguard for the impartial quest of knowledge.  However, they now seem to find results consistent with whoever paid for their research.  Do cigarettes cause cancer?  Does aluminum cookware contribute to Alzheimer’s disease?  Is genetically modified food dangerous?  What about global warming?   Perhaps science has simply become a whore to big money.

I remember that witnesses never tell the truth, but only testify as to his or her observations of the events.  When all the evidence — testimonial, documentary, real, circumstantial, demonstrative — is put together, the truth tends to be somewhere within all that stuff that was submitted for consideration.

I continue to ask questions.  I continue to be suspicious.  I continue to seek freedom from mental restraint.

Think about it!



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