The National Anthem and the NFL

10 Jan

In my younger days I recall watching NFL games on television.  I remember that the pregame commentary from the broadcast booth always took a break for the National Anthem.  (There were also bands at halftime.) It always seemed especially moving when the Cowboys played at the Cotton Bowl because Tommy Loy played the National Anthem (Granberry, 2016).  It was just Tommy Loy and his trumpet.  That was something to behold!


Today, I watch fewer NFL games.  Too much mindless commentary before, during, and after the games.  Too much video replay.  Too many “color” commentators who either want to be coaches but can’t or want to be officials but lack the strength of character.

However, since the networks centralized their NFL coverage and spend hours before the games over-analyzing the weekly contests, is the National Anthem even televised?

Flag 2

I suspect that but for the news entertainers who publicized the act, Colin Kaepernick’s protest during the National Anthem would have fallen on deaf ears.  However, like everything else associated with professional sports, it seems that what appears on Sunday on television shows up on playgrounds as well as high school and college football fields the following week.

What has happened to patriotism?

Just Think About It!


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Granberry, M. (2016, October 21). Tommy Loy, the Dallas Cowboys’ national anthem icon, remembered in new jazz museum in Sherman. Retrieved from Dallas Morning News:


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