12 Nov

The election is over.  (Thank God.)


(Official White House Photographer, 2016)

President Obama’s comparison of an election to “an intramural scrimmage” is accurate (2016).  We were parties: Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, etc.  Some may vote a strict party line while others pick and choose among the candidates.  However, “[w]e are Americans first.  We’re all patriots first.  We all want what’s best for this country” (Obama, 2016).

Let us move forward with that thought in mind.

Labels are rapidly applied.  Whenever there is a photograph or statement by a politician the caption includes

  • Name,
  • Title, and
  • Party affiliation.

It’s that way in the press.  It’s that way in news entertainment.  It’s that way in magazines.

I am ashamed to admit that sometimes knowing the speaker’s party affiliation affects my understanding of his or her message.  It’s like my Uncle Clint.  He had a reputation for telling tall tales.  Whenever he began, people would smile and nod approvingly, but each one expected another unbelievable story. Consequently, whatever he said was always subject to independent verification.

Perhaps, we should take the President’s words to heart – “We are all Americans first” (Obama, 2016).

Perhaps if we disposed of emphasizing party affiliation there might be more dialogue among those that govern and those that are governed.

Perhaps there might be seeds of unity instead of hatred and division.

Perhaps there will be less thinking that it is “us” versus “them.”

Let’s put aside those who want to sow hate and division.

Just Think About It!


Obama, B. (2016, November 9). Washington, D.C.

Official White House Photographer. (2016). The President and Vice-President of the United States. White House, Washington, D.C. Retrieved November 9, 2016


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