The August Full Sturgeon Moon

21 Aug

Was it August’s Full Sturgeon Moon?  It has been a strange week.

  • I gave my daughter some money for a down payment on a house. Her banker has been giving me all kinds of grief.  How do you prove you’re not a drug dealer or a money launderer?
  • My grandson is starting kindergarten.
    • The original plan was open enrollment in a county school. The principal was dynamic. He welcomed all the new Eagles. He talked about how education was a team effort.  He introduced his staff.  He invited all the new Eagles to use the library during the summer. He encouraged the parents to get involved.  Sadly, there were too many kindergartners within the district, and my grandson wasn’t accepted.
    • The fall back plan was the city schools. Total chaos!
      • All questions were deferred until kindergarten orientation.
      • The principal noted that the most important message at the orientation was that “It is district policy that should your child have two unexcused absences that the truant officer will be involved and there WILL be a court hearing.”
      • First my grandson was on the bus route, then he wasn’t.
      • There was no introduction of the elementary staff. The first, second, and third graders were in class. Why should we do that?
      • Since this school has outstanding reputation for fund raising, there will be many opportunities for parents to be involved during the school year.
      • Total failure of communication! (Frankly, I’m concerned about my grandson in this school.)
  • I received a strange phone call early in the week. The caller identified that this was a “confidential” matter.  The caller mentioned a company I did not know.  In order to discuss this “confidential” matter, the caller needed my birthdate.  The caller couldn’t explain what the company did unless I provided my birthdate.  I refused to provide my birthdate until the caller explained the nature of the company. When I requested his supervisor, he hung up.
  • Yesterday I went to lunch down on the farm. I shouldn’t have stayed.
    • The hostess rolled her eyes and looked exasperated when she finally returned to her station and saw the number of people waiting to be seated.
    • She directed me to a distant corner of the dining room.
    • A waitress took my drink and lunch order
    • An assistant manager delivered my lunch.
    • The waitress vanished until I was getting ready to leave.
    • I’ll take the advice of Edgar Allan Poe’s Raven: “Nevermore!”

Now, I’m trying to ascertain whether these things truly occurred or whether this is just my skewed perception because of the August Full Sturgeon Moon.  What do you think?


One Response to “The August Full Sturgeon Moon”

  1. transplantfromohio September 11, 2016 at 9:51 pm #

    I can only imagine how disheartening it would feel for your daughter hoping for the school that sounds very opening and warm to find it to be full. The school year will be full of great experience and social development. We as parents and grandparents can see the flaws in this lack of communication and kindness they’ve shown so far. I’m hoping it will be buried by positive energy and experiences.


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