12 Jun

Have you ever observed groups as they move through amusement parks?

  • Some clusters stay tightly together. They talk as they walk along.  Slide1All the adults share some responsibility for keeping track of the children.  It looks like a cohesive group.  Opposing traffic break upon this cluster like waves against a rock.
  • Some families patrol the park. The leader sets the course.  The rest of the family Slide2assume their position at three to seven yard intervals.  A rearguard watches the children and catches any stragglers.  Get to the goal: this ride, that character, some restaurant, the monorail, a particular event.  Acquire the goal, then interact, set the next goal, and move out.  They slither among the others enjoying the park.
  • Some organizations consist of random individuals. Each establishes his or her own path toward a destination.  They wander amoeba-like.  Slide3Separately; yet together. Each locked in his or her own thoughts.  This seems to be the body that produces the terrified five-year-old that has lost touch with the family group.  Typically the separation exists for less than a minute, but the terrified look in the child’s eyes lets you know that the world is not good. The group is consistently invaded as others pass through.

What kind of group do you belong to?


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