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Magic Kingdom Conspiracy

18 May

I recently visited Disney World.  There is absolutely too much stuff to do in five days: three days at the Magic Kingdom, one day at Disney Studios, and one day at EPCOT.  My daughter did an excellent job of planning our visit and utilizing our FastPass+ at the appropriate events such as meeting Tinker Bell.

My traveling companions didn’t like the taste of the water at either the Polynesian Village Resort or the Magic Kingdom.  Perhaps it was because the Polynesian Village Resort and the Magic Kingdom are on the banks of the lagoon that the water received the title “lagoony.”  Consequently, the snack credits in our meal plan were soon devoted to purchasing DaSani® at $3/bottle.  (I was reminded that a case of DaSani® at Walmart is $3.00.)  Had Disney tampered with the water in order to encourage the purchase of DaSani®, i.e., more money for the Mouse?

Personally, I didn’t buy this theory until my son-in-law and I had dinner at the Restaurant Marrakesh in Morocco at EPCOT.  The tap water tasted better than the tap water at either the Polynesian Village Resort or the Magic Kingdom and DaSani® was only $2.50/bottle.

Perhaps there is life to this conspiracy.