Notes to Grandchildren – February 28, 2022 (Inflation)

15 May

Dear Grandchildren,

If you listen to the news media, follow social media, and/or read the newspaper you can get the impression that only the United States is suffering from inflation. Some lay the blame at the feet of President Biden. They’re wrong!

Investigating inflation in a broaden perspective leads to the discovery that other countries are also suffering from inflation such as the countries of European Union. Thus, it is not solely a problem in the United States. (This does tarnish our image that the United States is the center of the world.)

I bring this up simply to reinforce the idea of keeping your reasoned choice. Investigate on your own. Decide for yourself.

It is depressing to see people blindly following the masses without researching it. They just give in to the mob mentality and follow the crowd. It’s happen too often in history to civilization’s detriment.

Don’t do it.

Decide for yourself.

Keep your reasoned choice.



P.S. If you want a list of instances in which the masses have yielded to mob mentality, just ask.

Notes to Grandchildren – February 27, 2022 (Supernova Award)

14 May

Dear Grandson,


Today you were awarded your second supernova award — the Charles Townes Supernova Award. Fantastic!

Today you also crossed the bridge to become a Boy Scout.

I’m very proud of you and glad that you shared with science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) with me.



Notes to Grandchildren – February 26, 2022 (Balance Sheet)

13 May

Dear Grandchildren,

Some people view life as a balance sheet. On one side assets or “good” things are listed while liabilities or “bad” things get enumerated on the other.

Perhaps this image comes from Ancient Egypt when Osiris or Horus or Anubis would weigh the soul of the deceased against the white feather of truth. Sometimes this image gets transferred to Christianity with the Archangel Michael performing the role of Osiris or Horus or Anubis.

I disagree.

There is no ledger. There is no balance sheet. There is no permanent record card like some schools maintain.

You have values.

The cardinal virtues provide guidance.

Act accordingly.

The measure of your life comes from your actions, not your words.

Did you follow the cardinal virtues?

Did you act consistently with your values?

Those are the important questions.



Notes to Grandchildren – February 25, 2022 (Stay Busy)

12 May

Dear Grandchildren,

Determine never to be idle. No person will have occasion to complain of the want of time who never loses any.

Thomas Jefferson

Keep busy.

Find many things to do:

  • Volunteer
  • Read
  • Cook
  • Garden
  • Crafts
  • Help others
  • 4-H
  • Draw
  • Research
  • Investigate
  • Paint
  • Scouts
  • Professional groups
  • Exercise
  • Explore
  • Play an instrument
  • Tell stories
  • Fraternal group
  • Travel
  • Write
  • Toastmasters
  • Compose
  • Relationships
  • Genealogy
  • Meditation
  • Train animals
  • Horseback riding
  • Care of animals

You get the idea.

Learn to be your own best friend. If you do, you’ll never need others to validate you.

Keep moving.

Be engaged.

Don’t sit around and mold over while complaining that there’s nothing to do.



Notes to Grandchildren – February 24, 2022 (Welcome to Earth)

11 May

Dear Grandchildren,

I’ve been watching Welcome to Earth on Disney+. I am amazed.

Will Smith joins in these adventures — inside an active volcano, the the midnight zone in the ocean, on a glacier, in the desert. He shares his fears through each of these experiences. Will’s grandmother was correct

All the best things in life are on the other side of fear.

Will embraces his grandmother’s advice as each episode pushes Will to deal with his fears.

The program amazes me because it exposes how little we actually know about this planet. The program certainly generated more questions.

I also realized that I haven’t lived beyond my fears enough.

Seek the best things in life.

Don’t allow fear to be a limiting factor.



Notes to Grandchildren – February 23, 2022 (Law)

10 May

Dear Grandchildren,

Law school does not teach the law.

The law is a living, breathing thing. It changes constantly. Legislatures make new law and change old ones. Administrative agencies promulgate or announce rules and regulations, which have the same force as a legislative enactment, in the agency’s defined sphere of influence. Courts apply the law to specific facts to determine applicability. Constitutions set up the government and provide the scope of the government’s power. The law is living and breathing because it changes with every Act passed by the legislature, every rule announced by an administrative agency, every court decision, every amendment to a constitution.

Law school teaches an individual to think like a lawyer. Lawyers break down the nuances of the law and apply those nuances to a specific set of facts. Consequently, the only thing that lawyers have to market is their thoughts as it relates to a specific set of facts.

When I taught at Marion Technical College, staff, including the President; faculty; and students found their way to my door. I was the attorney in residence, and they had a question. My typical response was “you need an attorney who practices in that area of the law and that isn’t me.” Additionally, my contract with Marion Technical College labeled me as a teacher and not an attorney.

When I heard about LegalShield I saw the value immediately. LegalShield changes the paradigm.

Lawyers typically acquire business on a transactional basis. Clients want something done. The lawyer is hired for that specific purpose. When it is resolved, the relationship ends until the next transactional issue occurs.

LegalShield moves the practice of law from a transactional environment to a transformative environment. Many expensive transactional events would never have occurred if there had been readily available consultation beforehand at a reasonable price. LegalShield offers that.

For what an hour’s consultation on one subject might cost in an attorney’s office, LegalShield offers unlimited consultation for a year from an experienced attorney who regularly practices in that area of the law. Under the membership fee, LegalShield will review documents. LegalShield also provides emergency afterhours access to an attorney. LegalShield does change the paradigm on legal services and puts Benjamin Franklin’s admonition about an ounce of prevention into practice.

Investigate it.

There will be many occasions when some legal advice will be profitable. That’s why I got involved.



P.S. LegalShield offers so much more. Check them out. LegalShield appears to be a chameleon; it changes based upon your needs.

Notes to Grandchildren – February 22, 2022 (STEAM)

9 May

Dear Grandson,

What an exciting day! You signed up for the STEAM event at the University of Findlay. Fantastic!

You got an introduction to chemistry and chemical equations. Your tools were compounds of cobalt, copper, and iron. You experimented with mixing the compounds. The end result? Paint!

You certainly appear excited by this opportunity. Outstanding!

I’m thankful that the University of Findlay provided such as marvelous opportunity.

Math and science are the keys to tomorrow. Keep moving forward.



Notes to Grandchildren – February 21, 2022 (Common Sense)

8 May

Dear Grandchildren,

What happened to common sense?

People can spend an inordinate amount of time cleaning ice and snow from their vehicle and then drive as if the road is completely dry and has never been snow or ice covered.

My father would preach that if it’s on the vehicle it’s also on the road.

Apparently unless the Sheriff declares a Level 1 Snow Emergency there is, nor has there ever been, any snow or ice on the roadway.

Doesn’t observation count for anything?

Actually this is a prime example of surrendering your reasoned choice. People refuse to decide for themselves but require some public official to tell them. They are puppets. They are slaves. They yield to the thoughts and perceptions of others.

Don’t follow their example.

Decide for yourself.

Use your own reasoned choice.



Notes to Grandchildren – February 20, 2022 (Priority)

7 May

Dear Grandchildren,

Last Sunday was Scout Sunday at the College First Church of God. The sermon dealt with priority. The pastor emphasized that it was priority (singular) and not priorities (plural). In essence, the pastor stressed there can only be one priority and that ought to be God.

The pastor preached an interesting sermon until the end when he said, “Jesus had his priorities in order.”

Does that mean that there can be more than one priority? I’m confused.



Notes to Grandchildren – February 19, 2022 (Reading)

6 May

Dear Grandchildren,

Momma is reading more. She wants someone to talk about what she’s reading. I got drafted. So, I’ve started including Momma’s books on my reading list.

Thus far I’ve read The Strange Case of the Alchemist’s Daughter by Theodore Goss and The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. Momma has read The Lost Apothecary by Sarah Penner and The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V.E. Schwab, which I read last summer.

Momma and I read differently. Momma gets absorbed by the characters. I read to be entertained by the story. Momma asks about small details. She’s like a finish carpenter who works with trim and visible things to make certain they look pretty. I deal with the overall scope and am like a rough carpenter who frames in the project to the specifications but who isn’t around for the finework.

I’ve always been this way. I remember the outline of Great Expectations by Charles Dickens that was required reading in Mrs. Nelson’s English class in high school. However, don’t ask me detailed questions about Pip or Estella or Miss Haversham or the convict.

Momma and I have our own perceptions as we approach reading. Both of us have had problems when teachers required explanations that were outside of our focus. Both of us got frustrated. Fortunately, we were able to “read” the teacher and anticipate the teacher’s questions.

Perceptions belongs to each of us. We own it 100 percent. It’s our perceptive. It’s neither right nor wrong. It simply is.

Sadly there are people who believe everyone should have the same thoughts and the same perceptions … and ultimately everyone should act the same. We must accept them; however, we don’t need to conform. Keep your reasoned choice. Make your own decisions.



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